• 20mmchina

    Brexit means high-speed rail to Liverpool and the North is now a political and economic imperative

    The Brexit vote sent a shockwave through the political establishment and as the dust settles, its message for HS2, “HS3” and the Northern Powerhouse is emerging. Now is the time to invest in a transport network that uses HS2 to irrigate the regions, not drain them, says Andrew Morris, Chair of 20 Miles More. In the thirty years since the Big Bang deregulation of financial markets, “the City” has become the […]

  • luciana

    Northern Futures

    Luciana Berger Labour and Co-operative MP for Liverpool Wavertree I recently pressed the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about why Liverpool is not represented on his Northern Futures initiative which is supposed to bring together ideas to ‘create a vibrant Northern hub so it can compete with the biggest cities around the world.’ His offer of a government email address as an alternative to the real representation and involvement this […]

  • cities

    Northern Powerhouse

    Geoffrey Piper Chief Executive North West Business Leadership Team The Chancellor, George Osborne, recently spelled out the case for a `Northern Powerhouse’ to compete internationally in the way that London does. In terms of rebalancing the UK economy towards the North, it makes sense for the great cities of the North – particularly Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds – to combine their formidable assets and enable them to punch their weight […]

  • lime_street

    Building a second supercity starts with better transport

    By Ian Wray, University of Liverpool The UK’s economy is highly unbalanced; we have the worst regional disparities in the developed world and London’s property prices are also the world’s most expensive – second only to Monaco. Rebalancing the economy is crucial to our future, and it can be done. With the right investment in transport infrastructure, a second megacity formed by linking Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, is achievable and […]

  • andrew

    Small Business, Big Benefits

    Andrew Morris Director of Aeolian & 20 Miles More Small businesses in the Liverpool City Region no longer have small ambitions. My business, Aeolian, although having fewer than 10 employees provides strategic IT consultancy to global companies like the Shell, with over 92,000 employees. The Internet and has greatly helped with this – conference calls and live meetings mean we can work efficiently but not be in the same city […]